Tuesday October 27 , 2020
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ImageControl panel

This application gives a great visibility for all tickets in detail as well as at a high level; therefore, it works well for IT managers.

ImageEasy management

We can see specific order level details, revenue and margin information as well as products that would be good changes for inventory.

ImageiT Resources

Sales order details, revenue and margin as well as What-If scenarios for margin and revenue.

ImageControl panel

This application takes us into the world of a Retail / Wholesale apparel company. In the application we can gain insight on forecasting inventory levels.

Comercio Electronico a la medida

Typically, a web browser can only use a font which is a web standard font such as Arial, as these fonts are installed on every Windows and Mac computer. If you wanted to use a non-standard font (Custom Font), then you would need to use a flash and/or javascript hack which is not a complete solution

How does colnex implement custom Features

Ofrecemos soluciones avanzadas para el desarrollo on-line de tiendas virtuales teniendo como base la seguridad y transparencia en todos lo procesos asociados.